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3I do not want to personally judge Mitt Romney and his wife Ann Romney. They might be good people who are simply clueless of the realities that common people in the country face. They may have been surrounded by wealth and those with wealth for so long, that they simply are ignorant to the struggles of working and middle class families.

Though individually they might not be bad people, what they symbolize is an aristocratic money drenched class that continues to rule the country for the good of the few at the expense of the many. Romney’s father was a multi-millionaire and former governor of the state of Michigan, and it seems that his son was able to easily slip into the shoes that his father left him. That is not to say that Romney did not have to work at all to get where he did, he surely did. However, he was given so many more opportunities to succeed than 99.99% of the population. Instead of simply acknowledging that however, Romney often paints himself as a self-made man, the ultimate erroneous symbol of free market Capitalism.

Romney is a symbol of the reality that money buys power. If you are wealthy, you are automatically given a voice in politics. This is even more blatantly seen in the case of someone like Donald Trump, another son of a millionaire who thinks he has an important voice in the political process, simply because he is extremely wealthy.

Romney is a symbol that wealth and power can simply be given from one generation to the next. He is a symbol of someone who was given everything, and because of it, has little understanding of how common people live. It is like a rich and spoiled child. You might be able to friends with him. You might even like him. However, you wouldn’t want him to be your boss, and certainly wouldn’t want him to be your president. The reality is that they have no way to empathize with you and your struggles.

At the end of the day, that is the biggest problem with Romney. Though he might want to empathize with the common person, he simply can’t. He was given everything because of the family he was born into, and he can’t see beyond those aristocratic upbringings to work for the rights and good of the common man.


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