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Most of the world doesn’t get it. Why are the people who call themselves Christians more likely to support pre-emptive war, the death penalty, and a harsh prison system while being opposed to programs of social uplift for the poor, justice for immigrants, and a health care system which cares for the most vulnerable? Why do the people who claim to follow the person who said that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God often support the causes of the wealthy and powerful at the expense of the oppressed and disadvantaged? Why do the people who claim to follow the person who said to love your enemies and blessed are the peacemakers often the ones who support violence and pre-emptive war in the name of self-defense and national interest?

It doesn’t make sense, because it shouldn’t make sense. To read the accounts of the Gospels and then try to bend it into to some type of right wing philosophy just does not work. Those outside of the Christian faith realize that is not congruent; why do more people inside the Christian faith fail to see this? Well, in many ways this is a problem in the U.S. more than other countries. Love for country, capitalism, and the American dream have surpassed and in turn warped the call of the Kingdom of God. Instead of following Jesus of Nazareth, we have started worshiping the Jesus of 21st Century America. In the process, we have confused the rest of the world. The message they get from many in Christian America is completely different than the message of the Prince of Peace.

We are all guilty of this. It goes far beyond Pat Robertson and the Family Research Council. We have domesticated and then twisted the radical message of the Kingdom of God to fit our own petty agendas. We become so caught up in the consumerist culture that we forget the call that Jesus made to the rich young ruler to sell everything we have and give it to the poor. It should make us uncomfortable, but at the same time fill us with expectation and a longing for something more. Let us allow the radical message of the Kingdom of God to penetrate our hearts and minds, so that we will no longer be incongruent with the message of Jesus, but actually becomes disciples, laying down our own desires for our fellow man.


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